1. Our range of IT Services are designed to help you make use of the power of IT in your business. Irrespective of the size of your organisation or the complexity of your need, our flexible approach allows you to outsource your IT requirements fully or have us work alongside your in-house teams or other service providers.

  2. Cloud, Web & Mobile

    We make your business, your products and your services accessible from any Internet connected device from anywhere in the world. Building innovative, user friendly and effective applications accessible via a web browser or on mobile phones and tablets keeps your business at the fingertips of your customers.

    The Web and Mobile Apps we build can also be customised to automate a part or an entire business process. This is a great way to reduce human errors and cut costs by reducing human dependency.

    Our in house experts in various Domains can study your business processes and suggest, design and develop amazing web and mobile app and automation solutions to suit your needs.

    We offer a variety of technology stacks to build your product. From older players in the game like Java and .NET to cutting edge Grails and Node.js frameworks, we have everything in between.

    On the mobile platform, we Specialise in hybrid apps. However, we build native iOS and Android apps as well. We ensure the technology stack suits your requirements. Depending on the product, we also make a choice from a wide range of databases. We work with relational databases such as MySQL and MSSQL and No-SQL databases like Mongo, Cassandra and Elastic.

    We help with deployment and maintenance of the applications. Be it on a Linux server with Apache-Tomcat or a Windows server with IIS, we are with you until the very end. We also recommend alpha and beta testing of the mobile applications both from Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS Apps. We have worked with Big Data systems consisting of Apache Spark, Cassandra and a distributed file system HDFS.

  3. elearning

    The nature of study materials has evolved, as online course apps combine text, audio, video, animation and games for a more complete and immersive experience. The paradigm shift towards a lightweight, easily accessible, always-available and Personalised software product has seen multiple industries like manufacturing, finance, health and safety leverage mobile platforms to deliver eLearning experiences.

    We have developed web and mobile based eLearning solutions for both generic and highly Specialised fields such as emergency medical treatment. The applications leverage common and customised content management systems for data entry with a loosely-coupled architecture that allows for the delivery of multimedia rich sessions to users to a variety of endpoint devices using web services.

  4. eCommerce

    As the world’s population moves increasingly online, businesses from all sectors and of all sizes are identifying the need to go digital. However, we Recognise that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this problem. We work with you to develop a customised solution that fits your online business, using off-the-shelf components and software like WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify etc. We can support both single-owner as well as multi-vendor marketplaces.

    We can securely integrate with multiple payment gateways and support different currencies, enabling your store to have a global reach. Our solutions combine the best of technology with the best of user experience and deliver responsive applications that perform on screens of all sizes, from desktops to tablets and smartphones. We build in the foundation to help you scale as well as evolve to use mobile apps and IOT ordering mechanisms.

  5. Websites


    Even when your offices are shut, your website is busy selling for you. A well built website will not only help engage your customers but also give them all the information they want and allow them to get some things done.

    We create impressive sites using WordPress. As per the portfolio, we able create our own theme and Customise it to your requirements. We have also created lightweight websites using simple HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. We also help with the hosting of the website. Be it on a local server or shared server space on GoDaddy, DreamHost, HostGator or BlueHost.

  6. Websites


    No matter what your product or service, selling online could add previously unknown revenue channels to your business. Our eCommerce Website Service, complete with a host of features such as payment integration, inventory management among others can get you started.

    We design and develop a unique look that fits your brand while following the best practices in the industry. The store is designed with the customer’s ease-of-use as a priority to enable fast, simple interactions that boost consumer satisfaction and product purchasing.