1. We find our passion in describing your ideas on the canvas of your vision, in adding color to those ideas, in making these ideas effective and in designing with elegant simplicity.

    Designs are an extension of your personality, of the persona of your business and it takes skill and training to be able to understand what you want before we can create something you love.

    Our Design Team will work with you to understand your idea and give it wings. Our DTP Team can also simply help you layout documents in any language.

  2. UI

    UI or User Interface Design is the prism through which a customer experiences your brand and your product. A powerful user interface creates an impact that is difficult to forget and needs a deep understanding of the consumer behavior. We achieve this backed by extensive user research.

    Our structured approach helps customers tell their story and engage with the target market in innovative and intuitive ways.

  3. DTP

    Still trusting your DTP team with languages they do not understand? Try using our DTP services instead. DTP is one of the most critical aspects of the documentation cycle.

    Any document that has been created for public consumption and which is printed in large quantities, is laid out using DTP software. There are hundreds of DTP companies, but the USP of our DTP Department lies in the fact that we offer multilingual DTP. Our typesetters understand languages and know all the pain points that could crop up during a project. They design and format the documents as per your requirements, including images, tables and graphs.

    The typeset documents are checked by native speakers of the language. We also use our expertise and experience to recommend changes or modifications in the layout, images, colours and tables based on the language of the document, the target market and audience.

    Delivery formats

    High resolution PDF, EPS outline, vectorised and websites in HTML, XML, PHP and ASP among others

    Desktop Publishing Tools

    Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe FrameMaker and CorelDraw