1. Our suite of Allied Language Services is geared to help you meet those once-in-a-while needs that your business can generate from time to time. And don’t you worry! If what you need is not on the list, simply write to to find out how we can help. We have greyed our hair in the language and technology space and can surely customise a solution around any problem you might have.

  2. Interpreting

    Chaperone Interpreting

    If your customers are visiting you and you need someone to accompany them to the local market, show them around, ensure the local auto or shopkeepers does not fleece them and generally help them spend a carefree time in your city, our chaperone interpreters are just what you need. They will make sure your customers go back with happy memories of your city.

    Consecutive Interpreting

    This is the most basic and common type of interpretation, in which the interpreter facilitates communication between two or more speakers. This works best in limited or smaller groups of people such as meetings, presentations or internal events where the listeners all understand one of two languages.

    Sales Interpreting

    Ever wished you could speak your customer’s language so that you could sell to them more effectively. Well our Sales Interpreting service is tailored to meet this exact need. Depending on the language, our Interpreters can either visit your office or then be available on conference so that you can sell to your customers in their language.

    Simultaneous Interpreting

    This is probably the most complex form of interpreting where the Interpreter translates while the speaker is in the process of speaking. Simultaneous Interpreting requires the use of microphones for the speaker, a headset and microphone in a soundproof booth for the interpreter and special headsets for those listening to the translation.

    Sign language Interpreting

    As a Customised service and with adequate lead-time, we can arrange for sign language interpreters for English or a local Indian language.

  3. Transcription

    Got audio or video files to transcribe? We will do it. We offer time-coded transcriptions of audio or video files in several languages. There are several transcription companies in the market, but BITS is different because of our multilingual capabilities in offering these service. Not only can we transcribe the recording, but we can also translate the transcribed text into a language of your choice.

    We have extensive experience working on interview, legal, medical and conference transcription. All transcribed content is thoroughly proofread and checked against the original audio to ensure the final output meets the highest standard.

    Be it old VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs or live streaming videos even, we can handle pretty much all formats including MP3, DSS, DS2, WAV, WMA, AMR, MOV, AIFF and many more.

  4. Consulting

    Cross-cultural Consulting

    How many times does one bow when greeting the Japanese? How much is one supposed to tip in restaurants in France? When dealing with people of a different nationality, it is very important to know more about their culture to ensure you do not commit a social faux pas.

    Consult us and we will tell you all you want to know. Where to shop for cheap stuff in London or the main tourist attractions in Africa are just a few of the freebies we will throw into every session.

  5. Consulting

    Writing content to minimise translation cost

    You create content to communicate with customers and stakeholders. You use the best writers you have access to. Different departments within your company use different writers who might possibly not even be connected. But how does that matter? They all write really well.

    Somewhere along the way, you realise you need to get some content translated to reach out to markets that do not speak your language. And the translation cost estimate almost makes you jump out of your seat!

    You never imagined it will cost that much. Was there even a way to ensure the translation costs would stay minimal levels? Contact us to know how to write content that ensures significant savings on translation costs.

  6. Consulting

    Machine Translations over Google Translate

    If something is free, it is free for a reason. Yes, we are talking about Google Translate. If you have ever used Google Translate, then clearly you are looking for ways and means to save translation costs.

    What if we told you that, depending on your use case, there are options available that are cheaper than professional translators but way better in terms of quality than Google Translate?

    Reach out to our Language Technology Initiatives Team and they will help you find a solution that will work.

  7. Consulting

    Language Service Buyer maturity model analysis

    Where you stand on the Language Service Buyer Maturity Model has a lot to do with how you understand and handle your company’s need for language services.

    Greater maturity on the part of the buyer will result in more savings on language service costs for your company. But is there a way to know where you stand and can someone tell you what exactly you need to do in order to move up the Maturity Scale?

    Well, our Consulting Service can do just that. Analyse how you work and offer you a comprehensive, analytical and actionable report on what approach to adopt to ensure you always get the best our of your language services purchases.