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Good name

Names are just that, names. There will always be those names you like and then there will be those you don’t quite like. However, you really cannot have good names and bad names, unless of course you are in India, where we seem to have good names.

I am sure we all know that and yet an alarming number of Indians still continue to ask, “What is your good name?” to amused native speakers or even Indians who know better. But what really makes us say that?

Well, this is yet another example of how Indian languages make their way into English to create a unique dialect that we can call Indian English or that I chose to simply call ‘Indian.’

‘Good name’ is a direct translation of ‘शुभ नाम’. It is a cultural thing that simply does not exist in the Western culture. Reason enough, then, to drop the ‘good’ and stick to just the ‘name.’ And while we are at it, it might not be a bad idea to correct the few we can 🙂

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Sandeep Nulkar - Founder, CEO & Managing Director, BITS Private Limited Sandeep Nulkar heads one of India’s largest translation and localisation companies. He is a linguist by passion, businessman by choice and author by circumstances. Over the past decade, he has been working closely with the corporate world and with students and the academia to bring credibility and recognition to the Indian translator within and outside India.