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‘Reception: Between 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm.’ I saw this printed on a wedding invite I received a couple of weeks ago. This should seem all fine to the average Indian eye. Meaning conveyed, job done! But is that really the case? Is this grammatically correct? Expressing the opening hours of a business or informing people about how long an event will last seems to be a linguistic challenge for some. Well, it shouldn’t be by the time you reach the end of this piece.

Grammar rules allow you to say this in a few ways. The obvious choice is ‘from’ and ‘to.’

‘Reception: From 06:00 pm to 09:00 pm’

Then there is the option of using ‘between’ and ‘and.’

‘Reception: Between 06:00 pm and 09:00 pm’

In more informal situations, like a party at your place, you could also use ‘not before’ and ‘not after.’

‘Get there: not before 06:00 pm and surely not after 09:00 pm’

If you are not referring to a time period, you can also use ‘by’ or a more precise ‘at.’

‘Be there: by 06:00 pm’

‘Be there: at 06:00 pm sharp’

Make sure you don’t get any more creative with this and you should be good 🙂

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Sandeep Nulkar - Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, BITS Private Limited Sandeep Nulkar started his career as a translator way back in 1993 and heads one of India’s largest translation and localisation companies – BITS Private Limited. He is a linguist by passion, businessman by choice and author by circumstances. Over the past decade, he has been working closely with the corporate world and with students and the academia to create an identity for the Indian translator within and outside India.