Mind Your Language

Sandeep Nulkar

Indian languages are a work of art. No, I mean, really! How many languages would allow you to actually use two verbs meaning opposite things and still make sense. Confused? Look at the Hindi “ज़रा बाहर होके आता हूँ” or the Marathi “जरा बाहेर जाऊन येतो” for example. Both sentences use multiple verbs, one in the sense of ‘going’ and the other in the sense of ‘coming’. So what’s the problem? Well, none whatsoever as long as you stick to speaking an Indian language that allows you such a usage. The problem however arises when this influence carries over to…

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Getting Candid

Sonali Kulkarni

It is common knowledge that the language industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world; it is demanding, competitive and incredibly innovative in terms of its technologies and processes. BITS and Pieces has regularly discussed with industry experts how these changes would come to affect the industry and how businesses could prepare for this tectonic shift. But along with making great technological strides, the industry must also evolve in its approach towards sales. “In becoming all things to all people, LSPs end up becoming nothing to no one,” says Sales Strategist and Consultant, Jessica Rathke, our guest…

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Be Lingual

Alifya Thingna

Every language shares an intimate connection with the culture and history of the people who speak it. Our language of the month too comes from a land that is steeped in culture and history. Whether it’s the opulence of the Peshwas and Marathas, the mesmerising tradition of the bhakti movement or the powerful literature of revolutionaries of our independence movement, Marathi has always been the ideal bridge connecting people to its rich past. It is a language that has inspired not just the works of literary stalwarts like PL Deshpande and PK Atre but also the gifted creators of warli…

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In The News

Head to Stuttgart that will play host to one of the most important conferences of the language and localisation industry, the tcworld 2018. Participants will be treated to a host of topics ranging from content strategies, information products, terminology and visual design to translation, localisation, quality assurance and information logistics. Get a chance to learn, discuss, compare, expand your network, look for new business, find your next job or your next business partner or simply meet your LinkedIn buddies. Visit https://conferences.tekom.de/home/ for more information and https://conferences.tekom.de/tcworld18/registration/cost-overview-and-registration/ to register.  

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