Mind Your Language

Sandeep Nulkar

This month I am going to give you a lowdown on one of the most common mistakes non-native speakers of English tend to make. It is understandably confusing but very easy to correct and remember once you understand the logic. ‘One of my friend is a …’ or ‘One of my friend lives in …’ I am sure we have all heard such sentences before. What is wrong about these sentences is that the noun ‘friend’ is not plural. Like I said earlier, it is understandably confusing to some of us because the presence of the word ‘One’ makes us…

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Getting Candid

Sonali Kulkarni

2019 has officially been declared as the International Year for Indigenous Languages by the United Nations. Perfect timing to do so when the entire world is awakening to the importance of its native languages. This is especially true in India – a country with one of the highest number of local languages – where the balance continues to tilt towards content in Indian languages. While we have been talking to experts from around the world about some of the tectonic shifts such as MT and Blockchain in the Language industry, it’s time to talk to our very own Sandeep Nulkar…

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Be Lingual

Alifya Thingna

This month we are going to take a look at a Northern European language that is spoken in Estonia, the most northerly of the three Baltic states, nestled between the Gulf of Finland and the Baltic Sea, between Latvia and Russia. It boasts of over 1500 islands, hilltop fortresses, endless forests and woodlands, two Unesco World Heritage sites and some wonderfully preserved medieval architecture, in addition to being one of most digitalised countries and a major start-up hub. Now let’s learn a fact or two about Estonian. Estonian – what and where? The official language of Estonia is Estonian, which is spoken…

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In The News

The flagship event of the European Union Association of Translation Companies, the EUATC Annual Conference is back with its 14th edition. The international conference will be help in the Estonian capital of Tallinn this year on 25 and 26 April 2019. Titled “People, Looks and Tech,” this edition will focus on the Management and Sales aspect and will see top decision-makers from LSPs as attendees. The speakers will treat various topics to help attendees maximise their key assets, remodel their business and deploy the best strategies and technologies to break into new markets. So head to Tallinn this spring where…

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