Mind Your Language

Sandeep Nulkar

How can you eat something that you always thought was drinkable or drink something that you always thought was edible. Intriguing, isn’t it. Well, languages are funny and unreasonable, at times. That is perhaps why the Bengalis eat their tea and water. Let us find out this month what the English are up to when it comes to eating stuff that is seemingly drinkable. I am referring to the use of the verb-noun collocation ‘eat’ and ‘soup’. Yes, the English eat their soup. They don’t drink it, but actually eat it. The logic is simple, if one is using a spoon and/or a dish when consuming…

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Getting Candid

Sonali Kulkarni

2019 has officially been declared as the International Year for Indigenous Languages by the United Nations. Perfect timing to do so when the entire world is awakening to the importance of its native languages. This is especially true in India – a country with one of the highest number of local languages – where the balance continues to tilt towards content in Indian languages. While we have been talking to experts from around the world about some of the tectonic shifts such as MT and Blockchain in the Language industry, it’s time to talk to our very own Sandeep Nulkar…

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Be Lingual

Alifya Thingna

Think Urdu and what are the first few images that come to your mind? A green flag? Hindi’s cousin? A man with a skullcap clad in white, saying his prayers on a mat? An ornamented white mosque, with its golden minarets and domes? The flawlessly beautiful women you see in Pakistani soap operas, in their flowy salwars, exquisite jewellery and porcelain-like skins? Well, you’re not too wrong. A refined language often associated with beauty and grace, sufis and shayars, a rich bank of vocabulary and an identity symbol for many Muslims across India – let’s explore more on Urdu. Urdu…

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In The News

The International Terminology Summer School is a leading qualification for terminology, language and information professionals. This summer school is intended for language professionals, information experts and technical writers that endeavor to implement professional terminology management in their organisations. Terminology management continues to become an ever-important aspect of your organisation’s content creation and management systems, particularly to keep up with the changing trends in content creation, translation and consumption. The 2019 edition of the International Terminology Summer School will be conducted in Vienna from July 8 to July 12. So, head to Vienna this summer to receive comprehensive training to take your organisation’s terminology…

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