Mind Your Language

Sandeep Nulkar

Do not follow rules and you risk making grammatical mistakes. But sometimes, you follow what seems to be the rule, only to realize that it was more of an exception and not so much of the rule you thought you were following. That is the problem with the English language, isn’t it? More exceptions than rules like the haters love to say. Point in case being, we write ‘would not’ and ‘could not’ and even ‘will not’ but when it comes to ‘can’ there suddenly seems to be break in the pattern or a break in the rule if you…

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Getting Candid

Sonali Kulkarni

The ever-growing Indian economy is standing at critical crossroads and industries play a pivotal role in development. But where does the language industry stand in the scheme of things? To find out, we got together with Mr. Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Chenoy is also the former Managing Director and CEO of the National Skill Development Corporation and talks about the important of languages in skilling professionals. You have headed the NSDC for over 5 years. Was skilling people to become language professionals ever a part of the vision? Language is always an…

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Be Lingual

Shreya Bhat

Be it the Bollywood golden oldies like “Sayonara” from “Love in Tokyo”, or today’s always-in-vogue generation that loves wearing kimono and slurping on momos while flipping through manga or unriddling sudoku, Japanese language has been enchanting Western culture for decades. Some of us like to take up karate or go to karaoke on weekends, while others prefer the Zen state of mind rather than giving into the tsunami of emojis on the phone. Whether or not we realise it, Japanese has shaken up the mainstreams! Let’s propose a toast to this wonderful Oriental culture where the valiant Samurai and delicate…

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In The News

Head to Munich this Spring! Munich will play host to the GALA Language of Business conference from 24th March to 27th March 2019. The conference welcomes all members of the translation and localization industry community, including providers of language services, managers of global content, and language technology developers. It aims to provide an opportunity to net-work and create a platform for peer-to-peer learning. Along with structured networking sessions, the 4-day event also has masterclasses, interactive sessions and talks on relevant themes such as Machine Translation, Video Localisation, Operations Management, etc. Log on to https://www.gala-global.org/conference/gala-2019-munich for more information and registration.

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