Mind Your Language

Sandeep Nulkar

It is not uncommon for Westerners to refer to me as ‘सॅनदीप नलकर.’ Initially, I always wondered why that might be the case, when, surprisingly, no one in India has ever “mispronounced” my name. I have always been called ‘संदीप नूलकर’ In India and I have always had one standard way in which I spelt it – Sandeep Nulkar. So why do Westerners get it wrong? Well, blame it on the skewed ides of pronunciation our ancestors had, I say. We Indians seem to have got English spellings of our names so wrong that we have made it very easy…

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Getting Candid

Sonali Kulkarni

The ever-growing Indian economy is standing at critical crossroads and industries play a pivotal role in development. But where does the language industry stand in the scheme of things? To find out, we got together with Mr. Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Chenoy is also the former Managing Director and CEO of the National Skill Development Corporation and talks about the important of languages in skilling professionals. You have headed the NSDC for over 5 years. Was skilling people to become language professionals ever a part of the vision? Language is always an…

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Be Lingual

Alifya Thingna

With International Mother Language Day just around the corner, there is an array of emotions that are evoked by one’s mother tongue. With this nostalgia, come other parallel thoughts like the binding factor in diversity in a country of 29 states and the coolness quotient around multilingualism – especially in a country as linguistically diverse as India, where the Constitution itself officially recognises 22 languages. So let’s brush up on some trivia on one of the most widely spoken and easiest “make do” languages when travelling across the country: this month, we celebrate Hindi. How many and where In India,…

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In The News

Head to Bangalore, the IT powerhouse of India that will host the tcworld India 2019 conference on 28 February 28 and 01 March at the Taj Hotel.   The conference will address topics such as cloud, mobile, and project management documentation, in addition to documentation standards and video and content requirements. Discover presentations, expert panel discussions, and focused workshops covering a wide range of topics such as: cloud documentation, mobile documentation, documentation standards, project management, video documentation, content requirements for mobile documentation, and much more. Visit https://tcworld-india.com for more information and http://tcworldindia2019.doattend.com to register.

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