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So we Indians seem to be making path-breaking contributions to the art of bathing! Throughout history there have been references to various types (therapeutic, public, hot public) and kinds (sponge) of baths, but nothing in recorded history that beats the specificity of the kind of bathing we seem to be indulging in. Or is it yet again, simply, our inability to use the right words?

Indians seem to be engaging in some kind of a ritual that they refer to as a ‘head bath.’ Although this could be well understood in our country, I am not too sure it will meet the same fate in English speaking countries.

What we really intend to say, technically, does not even have anything to do with the head. It is more about our hair. So a mother says to her daughter, “And don’t forget to have a head bath today, you lazy girl.” The right way to say it is simply, “And don’t forget to wash your hair, you lazy girl.”

Having cleared the air on this one, I can’t help but admit that I am huge fan of Indian English. If ever there was something to English like there is to Chinese, a simplified version, Indian English could surely be called Simplified English 🙂

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Sandeep Nulkar - Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, BITS Private Limited Sandeep Nulkar started his career as a translator way back in 1993 and heads one of India’s largest translation and localisation companies – BITS Private Limited. He is a linguist by passion, businessman by choice and author by circumstances. Over the past decade, he has been working closely with the corporate world and with students and the academia to create an identity for the Indian translator within and outside India.