Despite being a very busy company, it has always been our endeavour to give back to the language and translation fraternity. We owe it to our teachers, to the institutes we passed out from and more importantly to those who aspire to be professional translators or language professionals. We understand that there are hardly any companies to look up to in this domain and that really puts a lot of responsibility on our shoulders.

BITS as a company and our Founder, Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Sandeep Nulkar, in his personal capacity have toiled hard to help people in every way possible.

Knowledge sharing sessions

As a company, we have opened our doors to aspiring translators from the Goethe Institut’s Max Mueller Bhavan, Alliance Française, Symbiosis International University, Pune University and even to those working professionals coming from a technical, IT, legal or financial background who are looking to make a career in translations. We have offered them short duration Shadowing Internships to give them a first hand feel of what it takes to be a professional translator. We have also offered longer duration Paid Internships to a select few who have shown a keen resolve to become professional translators. They are under no obligation to work for BITS. This isn’t about BITS. This is about enriching our industry with quality professionals so that they replace the fly-by-night operators and bring maturity and stability to the language industry.

In 2010, we conducted a two-month Translation Course in association with Prof. Bernard Schaeffer from the University of Germersheim. The year after that, we followed it up with the launch of ourproprietary seminar 'Supercharging your career with languages'.

On a personal level, Mr. Sandeep Nulkar who has been a part of the translation industry in India ever since it came into existence in the real sense of the term in 1991, has worked as Contributing Faculty at the Pune University, at the Goethe Institute’s Max Mueller Bhavan in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Kolkata and at the Symbiosis International University.

First book in India on translations

In 2010, our Founder, Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Sandeep Nulkar wrote the first book in India on translations, 'Know Your Word's Worth – Translation As a Career'. The book was recognised by Mr. Narayana Murthy of Infosys as a very useful book for aspiring translators on the backdrop of India's growing prominence in the global economic scene. The book was translated into Marathi and launched in 2011.

Language Industry Awards

In March 2011, we lost one of our translators Ms. Ketki Shintre. Ketki was an exemplary French-English translator who was appreciated by both customers and her peers for her work and dedication. She was a rare mix of exceptional talent and complete humility and endeared one and all. It was in her memory that the idea of instituting an award to give acceptance and recognition to our industry took shape. In August 2011, for the first time in India, we instituted two Awards.

The Aspiring Professional Translator of the Year Award, given in memory of the Late Ms. Ketki Shitre, carries a cash prize of Rs.11,000/- and a trophy. The winner also receives a 3-month paid internship at one of our offices and is promoted throughout the year as the face of Aspiring Translators in India.

The Professional Translator of the Year Award carries a cash prize of Rs.21,000/- and a trophy. The winner is promoted throughout the year as the face of Professional Translators in India. The winner is then picked by an elite Panel of Judges that include Professional Translators and past winners.

Prizes are given away by noted Chief Guests at a Gala Award Ceremony on the occasion of the International Translation Day on 30 September every year.

In 2014 we added a ‘Special Recognition Award’ to recognise and celebrate people who have contributed directly or indirectly to the language industry and thereby increasing the scope of the awards from being restricted to the translation industry to include the wider range of professionals working in the language industry.

We truly believe that we have some of the best professional translators in the country. However, since they are barred from participating in the Language Industry Awards that we give out every year, we have our own Internal Annual Awards on the eve of International Translation Day.

We have also honoured two outstanding Professional Translators with Special Awards. On the occasion, we interviewed them so that aspiring translators could learn from their experiences. This event was organised in partnership with Maharashtra Times and was an open-to-all event that attracted over 500 people.


BITS offers an Internship Scholarship Program in association with the Goethe Institut's Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune. It is extended to exceptional students who top the C2 course.

BITS also offers Tuition Fee Scholarships to deserving working professionals from the technical and IT domains who want to switch careers and become professional translators.

Free language courses for working professionals

There is a tremendous demand for professional translators and language resource in our country. Conservative government estimates put this figure at a few hundred thousand. Needless to say that the current situation looks very depressing with poor quality language resources grabbing all the jobs on offer only to leave their employers frustrated.

To change this situation, once every other year, we offer 20 working professionals from the technical or IT domains the opportunity to learn either French or German for free. The idea is to offer them translation and languages as a career option. Participants do not need to sign bonds and are free to take up jobs anywhere in the industry after completing the course.

The courses are modeled on the lines of the course offered at the Max Mueller Bhavan and the Alliance Française but that is where the difference ends. Unlike these courses, the ones we conduct do not aim to teach the student the language. Instead, we aim to teach the language while creating in them the ability to apply what they have learnt in a professional environment. Students are given exposure to various translation and other language-related projects. We also inculcate in students the right attitude and approach that helps them learn the language really well.

Other Initiatives

Mr. Nulkar has taken numerous initiatives to bring together the Indian translator. He was instrumental in organizing India's first Translator's Conference in Pune in 2003 followed by a few more in other parts of the country. He was the driving force behind Galvanising people that led to the formation of the two Translators Associations in India.

Mr. Nulkar is a regular speaker at various Language and Translation conferences in India and abroad and is also a Contributing Writer for Saptaheek Sakal, a leading Marathi weekly. His column 'Shabda Shabdaat' on improving English is very popular and has been a best-selling book. He also has published national and international articles, presented papers and delivered keynotes.