Sandeep Nulkar - Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

A post-graduate in International Business with specialisations in French, German, Italian and Spanish and keen interests in Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali and Kannada, Mr. Nulkar has taken BITS from a single person company to one that has over 80 in-house and over 120 global associates, serving over 1600 customers in more than 20 countries through its offices across all major Indian cities and in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the US.

A veteran of the language industry in India and perhaps its most known name within and outside the country, Mr. Sandeep Nulkar became the first Asian to be honored with the language industry’s most prestigious International Award. He received the ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Language Industry’ Awards at the 2016 Language Industry Summit in London.

Rushikesh Atre – Executive Director

A post-graduate in Finance with specialisations in French and Italian, Mr. Rushikesh Atre manages the financial and legal aspects of BITS and its various group companies. He has extensive experience working in the finance industry, having acquired critical experience in areas as diverse as share trading and M&As. Mr. Atre has been instrumental in helping us achieve positive cash flows year after year and a healthy profitability that helps us, not only reinvest in our people and infrastructure but also fulfill our dream of giving back to the profession and to those who are looking to enter it.

Mr. Atre is a former state level basketball player who now keeps himself fit by hitting the gym despite his hectic travel schedule.

Tanmayee Khire – Chief Operating Officer

With a degree in German and specialisations in Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian, Ms. Khire heads the overall operations at BITS. She forms part of the core Strategy Team responsible for developing and expanding markets within and outside India, with special focus on Germany and the German-speaking markets. She is also responsible for managing in-house capabilities of our German Team and brings to use her years of experience handling our extremely critical and complex Human Resource requirements.

Ms. Khire has been a former swimmer and a gymnast, who can now almost always be found in the company of a good book.

Deepti Bhonde – Chief Projects Officer

A graduate in German with specialisations in Dutch, French and Italian, Ms. Deepti Bhonde holds a Special Diploma in Translation and comes from a background in sciences. She is the recipient of a scholarship from the Goethe Institute. Ms. Bhonde forms part of the core Strategy Team responsible for developing and expanding markets within and outside India, with special focus on France and the French-speaking markets. She is also responsible for managing in-house capabilities of our French Team apart from certain Admin functions.

A former state-level swimmer, Ms. Bhonde is now a passionate long-distance runner.

Amit Dharma – Director (Language Technology Initiatives)

A post-graduate in Computer Management with a degree in Petrochemical Engineering and specialisations in German and Dutch, Mr. Amit Dharma is the tech crossover who manages all Technology Initiatives at BITS. He has played a pivotal role in incorporating the various tools and technologies that have optimised our workflows while boosting our productivity, efficiency and quality. Mr. Dharma has an excellent rapport and network within the industrial sector and has helped generate newer revenue streams by designing customised language and IT solutions for SMEs.

Mr. Dharma is an ardent sport lover and a die-hard cricket fanatic.

Mahesh Karmarkar – Director Sales (India and Asia Pacific)

Mr. Karmarkar is a grass root sales person to have risen the ranks. He brings with him close to 30 years of hardcore sales experience. Before joining BITS, Mr. Karmarkar was instrumental in developing revenue streams in the transportation segment, something that allowed him to build a great network across industry verticals. His sales and marketing expertise is what helped BITS penetrate the language market in South India and make significant inroads in the Asia Pacific region.

He is an avid long distance runner who has over a dozen full marathons under his belt.

Alifya Thingna - Associate Director - Key Accounts

With a bachelor’s and master’s degree in French literature, Ms. Thingna has taken a headlong plunge into the world of Indian languages with an unquenchable thirst of increasing awareness of a prevalent global culture, while she is also keenly conversant with Spanish, Hindi and Arabic. She forms a part of the core Marketing and Strategy Team responsible for developing and expanding markets within and outside India, and is responsible for overall quality control as well as managing in-house capabilities of the Indian Languages Team. She looks forward to tackling her daily challenges and resources with as much fervour as her morning coffee – all with one persistent smile.

Ms. Thingna is a passionate culture and language enthusiast, with a keen interest in psychology, ethnology and contemporary dance forms and is a regular contributor in the monthly in-house minimag BITS and Pieces.

Sandeep Agate – Managing Director of Krixi Ideas & Technology Solutions & Acting Chief Technology Officer at BITS

Mr. Agate is a serial entrepreneur, specialising in founding, building and growing companies in the fields of communication, technology and healthcare IT. He has been responsible for building the first company to offer a 100% web based communications platform that empowers neurologists to treat stroke patients over the internet. As the CEO of Krixi Corporation, USA. Mr. Agate is responsible for the overall business vision, strategy and innovation in the field of telehealth, telemedicine and healthcare IT.

He loves to swim, play tennis, learn music and study philosophy in his spare time.

Chaitrali Ghatnekar – Director of Design and Media at Krixi Ideas and Technology Solutions & Acting Chief Design Officer at BITS

Ms. Ghatnekar founded IDEAS with the intent of creating Innovative Design, Expression, Advertising and Social media marketing strategies for products and companies. Since 2004, she has worked with every aspect of the company’s lifecycle from product support and testing to sales support and marketing. Leveraging her experience working with customers from the United States, India, Singapore and other countries, she started IDEAS, a one-stop shop for building the front end of virtually any business in any industry vertical.

Chaitrali is an avid reader, a skilled photographer and an enthusiastic explorer. She loves to travel and meet people.

Aditi Deodhar Jaiswal – Head | Talent Management

With a post-graduate degree in Economics and diploma in Business Management, Ms Aditi Jaiswal chose to pursue translation as a career option. After much on-the-job learning, and becoming one of the mentors in the department, she decided to expand her involvement in the Company with HR. Her OCD-like meticulousness, which could be a debilitating factor for many, is her greatest strength and helps her to stay on top of things and pick the perfect person for the job.

She loves to read about new cultures and is a regular contributor to our monthly in-house minimag BITS and Pieces.