1. BITS was born in the summer of 1993, about the same time when India opened its doors to the world. Back from a stint in a Hong Kong-based export house, where he found himself being required to use his language skills more than those gained from a post graduation in International Business, Sandeep Nulkar started with odd translation and teaching assignments, from an office in a small out-house tucked away neatly in the corner of a large property where it stood in the company of a 80 year old bungalow that was his home.

  2. Equipped with a degree in French, certificates in Italian, Spanish and German and knowledge of Portuguese, he soon had his hands full, thanks to the blossoming industry in Pune. With the presence of names such as Bajaj Auto, Kinetic Engineering, Piaggio and Tata Motors, the Automobile industry was strong and so was the Auto Ancillary and Engineering industry.

  3. The odd French translation project led to projects in many other languages and it was clear that our growth had begun. The first of our Associates came by in the year 1995 when Vinay Deshpande and Revati Oak joined the team. While Sandeep travelled within India and outside in search of business opportunities, Vinay looked after translation projects doubling as the main German-English translator and Revati headed the newly opened Mumbai office. Business was growing rapidly and we had more people joining us. Rushikesh Atre now took over operations in Mumbai after Revati went on maternity leave and Mahesh Karmarkar joined to take over project management from Vinay, who was then given charge of a bigger team of translators.

  4. Starting off with barely a handful customers managed by a very small core team, we had come a long way till the turn of the century. The year 2000 was also significant since it was the year in which we became the first Asian Translation Company to be granted the Associate Membership of The Association of Translation Companies, United Kingdom.

    Today, we have offices in Pune with branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. We have representations or offices in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the USA, serving over 1600 customers across 20 countries. The count of in-house and in-country Associates has gone up to well over 200 and you can find at BITS just about any language and language service you may need.

  5. In 2012, we started BITS Europe Limited, a company headquartered in London to better service our Indian customers across Europe. In 2014, we diversified operations to include Web and Mobile App Development by launching BITS Technologies, a company that aims to do some path breaking technology work to change the way multilingual India functions.

    In 2016, BITS Technologies merged operations with Krixi Inc., an award winning IT Product and Services Company headquartered in the US with offices in the Asia Pacific region that also has an arm dedicated to providing Design, Advertising and Branding solutions.

  6. The addition of the Krixi companies to the BITS Group now allows us to offer services form Design and Content to Translation, Web and Mobile App Development and Localisation.

    It has indeed been one exhilarating odyssey thus far. Come on board and we will help you speak your customer’s language!